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No 18 (2023): The Art of Subsidy / The Subsidy of Art

Edited by Chris Hay, Izabella Nantsou, and Lawrence Ashford.

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Articles by: Julian Meyrick, Izabella Nantsou, Gareth Belling, Kathryn Kelly & Tessa Rixon, Jane Woollard & Davina Wright, Julie Holledge, Sean Weatherly, Alex-Vickery Howe & Tiffany Knight, Vahri McKenzie, Denise Thwaites & Cathy Hope, and Molly Mullen, Mark Harvey, Jessie Anderson & Elise Sterback.

Funding for this issue was provided by the Australian Research Council through the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award scheme (DE200101426).

Cover image shows the former RUMPUS theatre in Bowden, South Australia, and is used with generous permission of the company. RUMPUS is currently taking a gap year, but information about the company can be found on their website.


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No 17 (2022): Perform or Else? Revisiting Jon McKenzie's Work in the Post-pandemic World

Edited by Emma Willis, Chris Hay and Cheng Nien Yuan.

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Articles, interviews and artist pages by: Tim Edkins, Ioana Jucan, Ali Na, Shuntaro Yoshida, Natsumi Fukazawa, Esther Neff, Anna Islind, Anthony Gritten, Emma Willis, Chris Hay, Nien Cheng, Jon McKenzie, Sara Baranzoni, Paolo Vignola, Ed Scheer, Helen Dickinson, Fabian Muniesa, Miško Šuvaković, and Sergej Pristaš.


In the foreground a pair of hands sit in a lap. The background is made up of a tiled floor and tea-light candles

No 16 (2021): Performance and Radical Kindness

Still from El Cuerpo Partido (The Broken Body) (Dir. Paula Guzzanti & Martin Devek) 2020. Courtesy of Paula Guzzanti. See Documentary Screendance-making as a Practice of Kindness

Click through for Performance Paradigm 16, which investigates what it means to “do” radical kindness 

Edited by Emma Willis, Alys Longley and Victoria Wynne-Jones 

Articles: Sarah Burton, Miriam Haughton, Lisa Samuels, Erik Ehn, Astrid N. Korporaal, Daniel Johnston, Elena García-Martín, Katharine E. Low, Sue Mayo, Alys Longley, Paula Guzzanti, Renée Newman, Sarah Harper, Rea Dennis, Kate Hunter


Vol 15 Performing Southern Feminisms

Edited by Emma Willis, Justine Shih Pearson, and Caroline Wake

This issue documents, analyses, and theorises performance made by women in the Global South and more broadly, the Asia-Pacific.

Articles: Nicola Hyland, Aylwyn Walsh, Fiona Gregory, Park Younghee and Jeremy Neideck, Helena Grehan and Olivia Rousset, Hannah Joyce Banks, and Nisha Madhan and Julia Croft


Vol 14 Performance, Politics, and Non-Participation

Edited by Caroline Wake and Emma Willis 

This issue investigates the politics and performance of non-participation.

Articles: Lindsay Goss, Frazer Ward, Azadeh Sharifi, Nien Cheng, Asher Warren, Jessie Eggers, Mel Campbell and Lee Jordan.

Book Reviews: Paul Dwyer on William Peterson, Yuji Sone on Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan and Edward Scheer, Hilary Halba on Ulrike Garde and Meg Mumford, Caroline Wake on Meredith Rogers, Gabriella Giannachi on Georgina Guy, Corey Wakeling on Sarah Grochala, Judith Miller on Lara Stevens' translation of Hélène Cixous, Jenn Stephenson on Elin Diamond, Denise Varney and Amich, Graham Mathwin on Hannah Mathews.


Vol 13 Performance, Choreography, and the Gallery

Edited by Erin Brannigan, Hannah Mathews, and Caroline Wake 

This issue of Performance Paradigm investigates the relationship between performance, choreography, and the gallery.

Articles: Hannah Mathews, Theron Schmidt, Sally Gardner, Fayen d’Evie, Marie-Louise Crawley, Julie-Anne Long, Erin Branigan, Rea Dennis, Amelia Wallin, Victoria Wynne-Jones, and Caroline Wake.

Artist Pages: Lizzie Thomson, Rebecca Hilton, Shelley Lasica, and Alice Heyward.

Book Reviews: Peta Tait on Sarah French, and Thomas Kampe on Katalin Trencsényi.


Vol 12 Performance, Technology, and Intimacy

Edited by Caroline Wake and Anna Teresa Scheer

This issue of Performance Paradigm—our twelfth—attends to love, information, and performance in all of their individual and intertwined complexity.

Articles: Johannes Birringer, Paul Rae, Eddie Paterson, Helena Grehan, Misha Myers, Dane Watkins, and Richard Sobey, and Caroline Wake.

Book Reviews: Katalin Trencsényi on Katherine Profeta, Erin Brannigan on Simone Forti, Alys Longley on Erin Brannigan and Virginia Baxter (eds.), Sharon Mazer on Bree Hadley, Laurie Beth Clark on Bryoni Trezise, Prudence Gibson on John Potts, Teik-Kim Pok on Helena Grehan and Edward Scheer.


Vol 11 Staging Real People

Edited by Meg Mumford and Ulrike Garde

This issue investigates the arts and effects of non-professional  theatre performers.

Articles: Meg Mumford and Ulrike Garde, Ariane de Waal, Natália da Silva Perez, Chris Hay, Eleanor Massie, Jens Roselt, and Michael Bachmann.

Interviews: Meg Mumford and John Severn with Helgard Haug, Claudia Chidiac, Alicia Talbot, Alana Valentine, and David Williams.

Book reviews: Lisa Fitzpatrick on Emma Willis, Caroline Wake on Carol Martin, Natalie Lazaroo on Petra Kuppers, Andrew Filmer on Anna Birch and Joanne Tompkins (eds.).


Vol 10 Performances of Resistance, Resisting Performance

Edited by Helena Grehan

Taking its cure from the recent provocations of Jodi Dean, this issue considers the problems and possibilities of resistance.

Articles: C.J. W.-L. Wee, Susan Bennett, Lara Stevens, Paul Rae, and Konstantina Georgelou.

Interviews: Peter M. Boenisch and Thomas Ostermeir, Edward Scheer and Mike Parr, Samer Al-Saber and Yana Taylor.

Book Reviews: Ian Maxwell on Sara Brady, Caroline Wake on Michael Balfour (ed.), Peter Eckersall on Bruce Baird, Liza-Mare Syron on Glen McGillivray, Sarah Miller on Bryoni Trezise and Caroline Wake (eds.), Rand T. Hazou on Denise Varney, Peter Eckersall, Chris Hudson, and Barbara Hatley.


Vol 9 Assembling Wonder

Edited by Anna Hickey-Moody

The essays in this collection explore the capacity of performance art to move its viewers: to make us see anew. The issue is intended to take the reader on a journey through experiences of different kinds of wonder.

Articles: Anna Hickey-Moody, Joanna Winchester, Jane Jagodzinski, Lone Bertelsen, Jack Migdalek, Erin Manning, and Andrew Murphie.

Book Reviews: Denise Varney on Margaret Hamilton, Yuji Sone on Rosemary Klich and Edward Scheer, Julian Meyrick on Denise Varney, Amanda Card on Erin Brannigan


Vol 8 Practising Contemporary Art in the Global City for the Arts, Singapore

Edited by C. J. W.-L. Wee

This issue takes the city-state of Singapore as a microcosm of broader trends in performance, globalisation, and festivalisation.

Articles: Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan, Zizi Azah, Natalie Hennedige

Interviews: Ho Tzu Nyen, Noor Effendy Ibrahim, Lee Wen

Book Reviews: Rebecca Caines on Jan Cohen-Cruz, Anny Mokotow on Alexandra Kolb (ed.), Yuji Sone on Chris Salter


Vol 7 Images of Happiness

Edited by Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, and Edward Scheer

In one of her lesser-known provocations, Marina Abramovic proposed that performance might be an "image of happiness" (1996). This issue considers precisely that: performance as something radically different to, and potentially generative of, propositions for everyday life.

Articles: Eddie Paterson, Gabriella Calchi-Novati, Helena Grehan, Jeff Stewart, Nicholas Hope, and Petra Kuppers.

Book Reviews: Bree Hadley on Tara Forrest and Anna Teresa Scheer (eds.), Caroline Wake on Alison Forsyth and Chris Megson (eds.) and Carol Martin (ed.), Pip Rundle on James Thompson, Jenny Hughes, and Michael Balfour, Glen McGillivray on Tom Cantrell and Mary Luckhurst, Ian Maxwell on Jon McKenzie, Heike Roms and C.J. W.-L. Wee (eds.)


Vol 6 Interruptions: Letters to Jimmie Durham

Edited by Stephen Muecke

This issue is devoted to the artist, essayist and activist Jimmie Durham.

Articles: Valerie Tring, Darren Jorgensen, Nikos Papastergiadis, Hamish Morgan, Misha Myers, Kim Satchell, Michael Taussig, and Stephen Muecke.

Interviews: Jimmie Durham and Michael Taussig.

Books Reviews: Denise Varney on Meg Mumford, Bryoni Trezise on Colette Conroy, Helen Freshwater, Helen Nicholson, Jen Harvie, Joe Kelleher, Paul Rae, Dan Rebellato, and Nicholas Ridout, Anna Scheer on Rune Gade and Anne Jerslev (eds.), Laura Ginters on Rachel Fensham, Adam Geczy on Edward Scheer, and Una Chaudhuri on Helena Grehan.


Vol 5, No 2 After Effects: Performing the Ends of Memory

Edited by Bryoni Trezise and Caroline Wake

This double issue investigates the relationship between performance, memory, and trauma.

Articles: Chris Hudson, Laurie Beth Clark, Maria Tumarkin, Karen Jürs-Munby, and Bryoni Trezise

Interviews: Urban Theatre Projects and Collaborators (Alicia Talbot, Roslyn Oades, Tim Carroll)

Book Reviews: Kate Rossmanith on Bonnie Marranca, Sandra D’Urso on Graham St John (ed.), Erin Heffron on Petra Kuppers, Jane Goodall on Janelle G. Reinelt and Joseph Roach (eds.).

Vol 5, No 1 After Effects: Performing the Ends of Memory

Edited by Bryoni Trezise and Caroline Wake

This double issue investigates the relationship between performance, memory, and trauma.

Articles: Geraldine Harris, Christine Stoddard, Petra Kuppers, Jen Webb, Bryoni Trezise, and Caroline Wake.

Interviews: Claire Bishop.

Book Reviews: Peta Tait on Maaike Bleeker, Veronica Kelly on Jane Goodall, Paul Brown on Baz Kershaw, Michael Cohen on Peter Eckersall.


Vol 4 Emergences: 21st-Century Performance

Edited by Peter Eckersall, Edward Scheer, and Helena Grehan

In this, the fourth volume of Performance Paradigm, we explore emergent themes in performance and culture in the first decade of 21st century.

Articles: Sam Trubridge, Meiling Cheng, Lise Brenner, Ulrich Lorimer and Katrina Simon, Pamela Karantonis, Angela Campbell, Beth Kurkijian, Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse, Anja Kanngieser, Eirini Nedelkopoulou, Kate Rossmanith, Diana Smith, and Jeffery M. Morris.

Book Reviews: Peter Eckersall on Judie Christie, Richard Gough, and Daniel Watt, Mika Eglinton on Rustom Bharucha, Ian Maxwell on Mike Pearson, David Moody on Leslie Hill and Helen Paris, Meg Mumford on Joe Kelleher and Nicholas Ridout, and Maggi Phillips on Ramsay Burt.


Vol 3 The End of Ethics? Performance, Politics, and War

Edited by Helena Grehan

The issue rethinks the discourse of ethics in relation to political performance and art, and resasserts its significance in a time when war has displaced alternative methods of conflict management and resolution.

Articles: Edward Scheer, Maaike Bleeker, Michael Balfour, Horit Herman Peled, Lalita McHerny, David Williams, and Jeff Stewart.

Interviews: Maria Magadalena Schwaegermann, Rustom Bharucha, and Baz Kershaw.

Performance Review: Margaret Hamilton on Robert Wilson.

Book Reviews: Gay McAuley on Joanne Tompkins, Rebecca Pelan on Tom Maguire, and Denise Varney on Karen Jürs-Munby’s translation of Hans-Thies Lehmann.


Vol 2 Japan After the 1960s: The Ends of the Avant-Garde

Edited by Peter Eckersall and Edward Scheer

This issue investigates how ideas of culture and one’s experiences of the world came to be actively performative in a similar vein—how perception and experience stood for the embodiment of a new politics in post-war Japan.

Articles: Satô Makoto, Yasuko Ikeuchi, Michael Hornblow, Shannon C. Moore, Jonathan Marshall, Lisa Kuly, Vera Mackie, Midori Yoshimoto, Gunhild Borggreen, and Tadashi Uchino.

Performance Review: Zack Fuller on the Dance Hakushu Festival.

Book Reviews: M. Cody Poulton on Carol Fisher Songenfrei, Mika Eglinton on Midori Yoshimoto, and Yuji Sone on Peter Eckersall, Uchino Tadashi, and Moriyama Naoto.


Vol 1 Live Ends: Performance in the Information Age

Edited by Peter Eckersall and Edward Scheer

The inaugural issue of Performance Paradigm asks how we can use the heightened audio-visual experience offered by media technologies to best effect and what might such performance experiences communicate? Does the performance come to be about the media interface alone or are other possibilities suggested? 

Articles: Christy Dena, Jon McKenzie, Andrew Murphie, Yuji Sone, and Ray Lagenbach.

Interviews: Stelarc, Philip Auslander, and David Pledger.

Performance Review: Peta Tait on motiroti.

Book Review: Sam Spurr on Adam Geczy and Benjamin Gennochio.

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