At Cake, Our Art Experiments are as Much about Reflection as They are about Trying Something New and Adventurous…

Natalie Hennedige


At Cake, our art experiments are as much about reflection as they are about trying something new and adventurous. In getting together, we discover possibilities in the intangible space that Art defines. Each work propels the next. As artists we keep evolving and the mystery of the future offers a powerful invitation to venture forth and boldly experiment.

We examine life and existence in the Now. As artists we find ourselves articulating in our own ways the violence, injustice, corruption and depravity that exist in the world. We also articulate the triumphs, the beauty, simple truths and hope that the world offers. It’s all about living between tensions – ‘the world oscillates between extreme optimism and despairing pessimism’.

We create by allowing our views to be influenced by what’s happening within ourselves, within the Singapore context and within the world at large. Our art stems from the personal and reaches out to wider complexities that encompass the contemporary world and its concerns. The more anchored we are in our own truths and experiences, the more honest and sensitive we are in articulating outward perspectives.

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