Landings: Moth Stories

Petra Kuppers


On the occasion of watching “In the Public Domain,”September 2010, by the QL2 Center for Youth Dance, ‘performed live on locations throughout the NewActon precinct, these performances are the result of a four-week process entitled “Soft Landing 2″, which aimed at enhancing the skills and experience of recent graduates from Australia’s finest tertiary dance training institutions.’Acton is a district of Canberra, a city planned by the Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin. Names suggested for this created capital city of Australia included Olympus, Shakespeare, Kangaremu, Sydmeladperho and Captain Cook. The Bogong moth was a staple food at the heart of cave festivities by local Aboriginal peoples, festivities now part of the Mungabareena Ngan-Girra Festival. The moths can be seen encrusting crevices of Canberra’s public buildings in the spring time.

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